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Hearing-aid benefits, member-exclusive discounts just for you

Great Hearing Benefits describes the not-so-obvious reasons why hearing aids improve your quality of life — and at a discount for Farm Bureau members.
Date Posted: May 14, 2024

The many benefits of hearing aids only begin with the simple fact that they improve your hearing. Here’s the bigger picture:

Improved Communication — You’ll engage in conversations more effectively with clearer and louder sound reception. This is crucial in social settings, work and in maintaining strong relationships with friends and family.

Increased Independence — Improved hearing allows you to navigate the world more confidently because you’re not reliant on others’ assistance in understanding your surroundings. It’s liberating and boosts your self-esteem.

Better Cognitive Function — Studies show a link between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Hearing aids help slow that decline by keeping your brain active and engaged. When you can hear and understand conversations and other audible information, your brain remains active and sharp.

Improved Mental Health — The isolation of impaired hearing can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety and even depression. Hearing aids help alleviate these issues by restoring your ability to communicate effectively and engage with the world around you.

Increased Safety — Hearing aids improve your safety by making you more aware of your environment. You’ll hear important cues like approaching vehicles, sirens and alarms — all reducing your accident risk and ensuring your well-being.

Enhanced Quality of Life — Hearing aids enable you to participate fully in social activities, enjoy music and movies, and engage in everyday experiences without feeling isolated. Reconnecting with the sounds of life, you’ll find joy and fulfillment in previously challenging situations.

Last but not least: Great Hearing Benefits provides discounts for Farm Bureau members so you can start living life again at savings of up to 50%!

For more information and to get in contact with Great Hearing Benefits check out the GHB savings page or contact MFB Member Benefits and Relations Department at 888-805-4864 — thank you for being a member!

Portrait of Cole Iaquinto.

Cole Iaquinto

Member Benefits and Relations Manager
[email protected]