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Lake City honors Ag Week, Reading Month

Lake City teacher Jody Wade reading “The Cow in Patrick Shanahan’s Kitchen.”
Date Posted: April 12, 2023

I felt honored to be chosen as the “mystery guest reader” at Lake City Elementary School for March is Reading Month and Ag Week 2023.

It’s during this week we celebrate farmers all over the country for their contribution to our lives with necessities that can sometimes be taken for granted. 

We want to help our students understand how the food and fiber products that we use every day are produced. Agriculture plays a vital role in our lives by providing almost everything we eat and wear. 

Lake City Preschool Teacher Jody Wade said she really appreciated Missaukee County Farm Bureau’s donation of accurate agriculture books to her classroom, adding that her students are enjoying them and having fun with other goodies donated by agricultural organizations in commemoration of Ag Week.

As a retiree from Lake City Schools, it’s always good to go back for a visit, and of course I always enjoy taking agriculture into area schools and libraries!


Members involved in Farm Bureau's Promotion & Education program can find accurate-ag resources at our Michigan Ag in the Classroom website.

Kelsee Steenwyk portrait.

Kelsee Steenwyk

Northwest Regional Manager
[email protected]