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The latest features of today’s hearing aids

Farm Bureau members can get half off retail pricing on today’s top hearing aid technology.
Date Posted: June 26, 2024

Great Hearing Benefits aims to help reclaim the joy of sound and enhance your overall quality of life. Whether you struggle with background noise or desire better speech clarity, Great Hearing Benefits is dedicated to finding the right hearing aids, at up to a 50% discount for Farm Bureau members. 

Here’s an update on the best new features in today’s hearing aids:

Channels refer to the different frequency bands that can be adjusted independently. More channels allow for more customization, ensuring that the amplification is tailored to your specific hearing needs.

Directionality enables hearing aids to focus on sounds coming from a specific direction while reducing the volume of other surrounding noises. This helps enhance speech clarity, especially in noisy environments like restaurants.

Noise reduction and speech enhancement features work to minimize unwanted background noise while highlighting speech sounds. This technology helps improve speech clarity and make conversations more enjoyable.

Feedback suppression technology identifies and eliminates the whistling or buzzing sounds that can occur when sound leaks from the ear canal back into the hearing aid’s microphone. 

Wind suppression reduces the impact of noise by detecting wind patterns and adjusting settings to minimize disruptions from gusts, allowing for clearer sound perception.

For more information, or to contact Great Hearing Benefits, visit the Great Hearing Benefits savings page. For any other questions, contact MFB Member Benefits and Relations Department at 888-805-4864 — and thank you for being a member!

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Cole Iaquinto

Member Benefits and Relations Manager
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