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Livingston County Farm Bureau Board Member Spotlight

Date Posted: April 15, 2024

Board Member Spotlight:

Lyle Young, Youngs Turf Farms

Lyle Young is a third-generation sod farmer. The farm was initially established in 1979 when Lyle's grandfather purchased the land, starting with walk-behind sod harvesters. Over the years, the business has undergone significant growth and expansion, transitioning from 80 acres and minimal technology to the current operation spanning 650 acres with state-of-the-art robotic harvesters.

Lyle, along with his father, now owns and manages the farm, which has become a family affair with 10-15 employees considered an integral part of their extended family. 

As a sod farmer, Lyle acknowledges the unique nature of his crop. While he may not contribute to the dinner table, he takes immense pride in putting the finishing touches on dream homes and creating lush green lawns for homeowners.

Visiting Young's Turf Farms, you might find Lyle engaged in various activities such as harvesting sod, working the ground, or overseeing installation crews, showcasing the hands-on involvement required in their operations.

One intriguing aspect that many people may not know about the farm is the early start to their day. Sod harvesting begins as early as 3 AM, and most deliveries involve an hour-long journey to the job site. This commitment to quality and efficiency underscores the dedication of Young's Turf Farms to providing top-notch sod to their customers.

Lyle is a recent graduate of the ProFILE program, and serves on our Livingston County Board of Directors, Membership, Young Farmer, and Commodity Advisory Committees, and is a tremendous asset to our leadership team. Thank you Lyle!