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Make 2020 the Year of Planning Ahead

Date Posted: April 30, 2021

With a new year comes the promise of a new start. But, have you considered the fact that another tomorrow — let alone another year — is never guaranteed? Thinking such thoughts is never pleasant, but it is certainly prudent. It might also help to avoid a disastrous future for those you love.

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan would like to highlight how a quality life insurance policy can help navigate three of life’s most challenging moments. 

Passing along debt unexpectedly 

What happens to your debt when you’re gone? Your next of kin is still responsible for satisfying these obligations. Securing a life insurance policy now ensures that your loved ones won’t have their life burdened by this inherited responsibility. 

A sudden and unexpected loss in household income 

Running a household is not cheap. In the event of death, monetary strain can cause additional heartache on a family. A life insurance policy can ease the burden if the deceased was a financial contributor. 

Unexpected loss/lack of savings or financial security 

Life insurance can often help bolster your family’s financial security. Ensuring you can provide for life’s biggest moments (college, wedding, etc.) even after you’re gone is a gift you can leave for your loved ones. 

There are a number of life insurance options offered by Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan. Our agents understand the needs of Michiganders and know how to find the right policy for you and your family. With nearly 450 agents across our great state, we are always ready to help insure you and the people closest to your heart. 

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