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Meet Your Staff: Events Specialist & Coordinator Lindsay Ball

Lindsay Ball's two-year-old boy, Emerson, will soon be joined by Baby Girl Ball.
Date Posted: October 12, 2023

I moved around a ton from second grade through graduation, but during most of my middle- and high-school years I lived in the Richmond-Armada area, down in Macomb County.

My connection to agriculture has come by osmosis. I met my husband at Michigan State while he was living and working at the university’s dairy research farm. Many of my in-laws are rooted in the agriculture industry and I’ve learned so much about it just by spending time with them.

At Michigan Farm Bureau my role is as an event coordinator, assisting the Field Operations division and Center of Education and Leadership Development with conference planning and on-site execution for the State Annual Meeting, Voice of Agriculture Conference, Young Farmer Leaders Conference, Council of Presidents and Growing Together.

Outside work I love to garden and cook. I’m not very artistic so the way I express my creativity is by growing and processing most of my own herbs and vegetables — and using them in new recipes. 

I also enjoy traveling with my husband Logan, our 2-year old Emerson, and — coming soon — Baby Girl Ball, due December 1! So far we’ve traveled to Traverse City, Mackinaw Island, the Upper Peninsula and Disney World — several times now!

Portrait of MFB Member Communications Specialist Jeremy Nagel.

Jeremy Nagel

Member Communications Specialist
517-323-6885 [email protected]

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