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Meet Your Staff: Media Relations Specialist Jon Adamy

Jon Adamy and his wife Amy with youngsters Logan and Alice.
Date Posted: June 27, 2023

I grew up in Tecumseh before making my way to Grand Rapids and eventually settling in for the long haul in the Lansing area with my wonderful wife, Amy, and our children, Logan and Alice.

My career started in TV news, where I was a reporter and eventual executive producer at WLNS, the local CBS affiliate. After six years of being on call 24/7, I pulled the rip cord and crossed into the world of media relations, working for a local hospital before joining your Michigan Farm Bureau staff in April 2021. 

Two short years ago I was like most “non-ag” folks: no connection to agriculture other than being your run-of-the-mill — and highly misinformed — consumer. I’m not too proud to admit that I was one of those people who didn’t know that all corn wasn’t sweet corn. I know, I know…

But I’m happy to say that I’ve come a long way from those dark days.

At MFB, I’ve dived head-first into all things agricultural, learning everything I can firsthand, from our incredible members. Now my days are spent detangling things like WOTUS, talking to reporters about the importance of the farm bill, and working to ensure that people across Michigan understand where their food, fiber and renewable fuel comes from — and appreciate the farmers who produce it.

As MFB’s media relations specialist, my role is to act as the conduit between media reporters and our members. That can mean reaching out to a news outlet to let them know about current ag issues, or taking calls from reporters who are looking to connect with a real farmer. 

I also offer media trainings to help our members tell their story effectively when media comes calling — and help settle some of the nerves that come along with it! I’m equal parts cheerleader and bodyguard for Michigan farmers, and I thoroughly vet and review each incoming media inquiry before setting up interviews. 

Outside Farm Bureau I’m all things family. I enjoy travelling near and far with my wife and kids, and always pack my Polaroid camera so I can add to my collection of hundreds — maybe thousands at this point — of the classic printed pictures I’ve taken over the years.

Have a question about the media? Want to talk shop about your story idea? Looking to leverage news coverage to boost your county Farm Bureau? Give me a call at 517-212-7185, or email me at [email protected].

Jon Adamy

Jon Adamy

Media Relations Specialist
(517) 323-6782 [email protected]

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