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Members sought for state bylaw-review committee

Delegate action at MFB’s 2023 Annual Meeting resulted in a new member committee to review the organization’s bylaws.
Date Posted: December 7, 2023

Voting delegates at Michigan Farm Bureau’s 2023 Annual Meeting approved policy calling for an ad hoc committee of regular members from across the state to conduct a review of organizational bylaws defining the organization’s structure and fundamental operations.

Following discussion on the delegate floor and several amendments, policy was approved creating the committee tasked with reviewing the bylaws and potentially recommending amendments in time for consideration at the organization’s 105th annual meeting in 2024.

Included in the approved policy was the appointment of Mecosta County Farm Bureau President Kate Wernette to chair the committee, consisting of one member from each of the organization’s 12 districts. 

Each district bylaw representative will be chosen by a caucus of the district’s county Farm Bureau presidents. Members interested in serving on the bylaw committee are encouraged to promptly contact their respective county Farm Bureau president. 

While additional details are still being finalized, it’s anticipated the committee will finalize potential recommendations in time to be part of the organization’s 2024 policy process, including county-level meetings throughout the summer, the state policy development committee in September, district meetings and MFB’s 2024 State Annual Meeting.

Portrait of MFB Member Communications Specialist Jeremy Nagel.

Jeremy Nagel

Member Communications Specialist
517-323-6885 [email protected]