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New handbook ready to guide prospective farm-friendly candidates

MFB’s new Candidate Handbook is ready to help demystify the political process for aspiring office-holders.
Date Posted: January 27, 2023

We need more farmers to step up and serve in government.

Not everyone can leave their farm three days a week to serve in the state legislature in Lansing, but most could give up a couple nights a month to serve on their township board.

Upwards of 70% of races for local offices — township and county-level positions — go uncontested at the ballot box. That’s where you can test your political sea legs with minimum impact on your farm and family life.

Toward Michigan Farm Bureau’s persistent goal to grow the number of farmers serving in government, we’ve created a new Candidate Handbook to help members better understand elections and government.

Included is information on the electoral process, who can vote, ways to vote and the roles and responsibilities of local government positions.  

The handbook is available online via MFB’s website.

Now step up and help advocate for agriculture by serving in either a elected or appointed government position.

The booklet was developed by a team of MFB staff including Rebecca Park, Sarah Richardson, Bridget Silvernail and Matt Kapp; contact Kapp for more information: 517-679-5338.

Matt Kapp headshot

Matt Kapp

Government Relations Specialist
517-679-5338 [email protected]

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