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Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies

New member exclusive savings on prescriptions

Date Posted: May 11, 2022

As of May 11, Michigan Farm Bureau discontinued its previous prescription drug discount program (Agelity, CareMark and Clarity) and replaced it with My Free Pharmacy, a subscription service to help you get the best medications quickly, and for only $18 or $27 per month.

This is the nation’s first free generic-medication program. This is not just a discount card, this is a standalone, non-insurance, no co-pay medication pharmacy program for MFB members.

MFB members can sign up to receive all their generic chronic medications for free, including free shipping to your home in 1-3 days. Your acute- or immediate-need medication can be picked up at over 64,000 pharmacies nationwide for free when you show your My Free Pharmacy card. Members can also call the toll-free number to help transfer your prescriptions to My Free Pharmacy.

With your My Free Pharmacy subscription:

  • Generic acute/immediate medications are FREE.
  • Maintenance/chronic generic medications are FREE.
  • Diabetes: oral generic medications are FREE, FREE starter kit, and insulin at $19.88 per vial.
  • Over-the-counter pills are half the price of other pharmacies.
  • Pharmacy coaching is FREE.

If you’re spending more than $27 monthly on medications for your family, or $18 month as a single person, you should sign up for this member benefit today!

While new to Michigan the program launched months ago in Tennessee, where one member is particularly enthused about My Free Pharmacy:

“I absolutely love the program. The process is great, it was very easy to sign up and receive my card. Each email that you receive gives you step-by-step instructions. When I called in to transfer our medications, the person I spoke with verified all information and made the process to transfer my prescriptions seamless. I then received an email telling me that the medications were on the way.

“They were sent in two packages scheduled to be delivered on Monday, and I received them early on Friday.

“I’ve done the math on what we pay for our prescriptions — and the gas to pick them up, because we live in a rural area — and we are on track to save about $750 this year on medications. I stand behind this prescription program 100% and will recommend it to anyone with a Farm Bureau membership.”

Visit or call 800-257-8420 to sign up. Search their drug lists online to ensure your medications are available or call their customer service team to look them up for you. Once a My Free Pharmacy member, your doctor can begin e-prescribing or transfer your current prescriptions for you.