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New member savings: 12% off Grasshopper Mowers!

Grasshopper has seven key factors to consider before investing in a zero-turn mower — plus your 12% discount as a Farm Bureau member!
Date Posted: March 13, 2024

If you’re looking for a mower that can maneuver around landscape beds and cut a large property, a zero-turn model checks those boxes. 

Luckily your newest Farm Bureau member savings gets you 12% off Grasshopper’s fleet of zero-turn mowers. They turn on a dime, quickly cut large swaths of turf and deliver a quality cut at a discounted rate to you. 

Before you invest, consider these key factors:

  • Engine — Gasoline, diesel or liquified petroleum?
  • Cutting DeckMid-mount or front-mount cutting deck?
  • Ergonomics — Is it comfortable? A smoother ride means better cut control at higher speeds.
  • Cut Quality — Heat-treated steel blades mean a quality cut, less grass buildup and better air flow, and with it improved discharge. Deck depth is key and also contributes to cut quality.
  • Attachments — Mowers that can multitask as de-thatchers, turbine blowers, aerators, dozers and snow throwers will provide you with an even greater return on your equipment investment. (Your 12% Farm Bureau member discount includes attachments and replacement blades when purchased with your new mower.)
  • Maintenance — How accessible is the engine and how many lubrication points will need regular greasing? Does the deck fold up to ease blade sharpening and debris clean-out? 
  • Warranty — Are parts and labor included?

To learn more about Grasshopper Mowers and your Farm Bureau discount, visit Grasshopper’s savings page. You can find a local dealer by clicking here.

For more information, contact MFB Member Benefits and Relations Department at 888-805-4864 — and thank you for being a member!

Portrait of Cole Iaquinto.

Cole Iaquinto

Member Benefits and Relations Manager
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