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Survey: Assessing the Value of Protecting Our Most Valued Assets

Date Posted: April 30, 2021

It's likely you've given some degree of thought toward prioritizing the things that mean the most to you in life. If you find your family regularly topping this list, you're not alone. Family represents the top priority for 81% of Americans per a 2019 survey conducted by Life Happens. This is a primary reason we work with so many Michiganders, helping them to plan the best path toward protecting their families with life insurance.

While we've been proud to assist with so many family's long-term planning needs, the study above also indicates that only four-out-of-ten families are currently protected by an individual life insurance policy. Shockingly, it also indicated that life insurance was a low priority (or not a priority at all) when starting a family for roughly one-third of those questioned. By contrast, when you consider how high our family's health and safety rate on our list of priorities, you can see a lack of congruence in how we assess value when protecting our most valued asset. 

Consider the following scenarios and think to yourself whether you have a plan to address them.

  • Paying rising tuition fees for our children 
  • A shortfall in retirement income
  • Unexpected lost income
  • A family left with considerable debt or estate taxes to pay
  • Being blindsided by medical costs
  • Your family having to pay for a funeral or memorial

If you haven't given them all significant consideration or done anything to plan ahead, you're certainly not alone. Many of us are so busy working to support day-to-day needs that looking that far into the future seems impossible. The good news is not only is there still time to do so, but you don't need to pile it on the never ending list of tasks and responsibilities weighing you down. 

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan has agents conveniently located near you, possessing a tremendous amount of experience in this type of planning and eager to help replace this burden with peace of mind. We want to help you spend more time acting as the hero our family's often need us to be and less time worrying about the future.

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