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Washtenaw adds recycling value to membership lunch

Washtenaw County Farm Bureau member Valisa Bristle (far right) presenting our Junior Livestock team with a thank-you pail from the county’s Promotion & Education committee.
Date Posted: August 7, 2023

Washtenaw County Farm Bureau held its second annual fried chicken lunch and ice cream social July 30 with a slight twist on the membership-appreciation component: tire recycling!

Organized by Membership Captain Kim Rose, the event was a massive undertaking that really underscored the value of a Washtenaw County Farm Bureau membership. 

Kim’s husband Kirk, daughter Emma Rose, and board members Erica Drake, Caleb Frank, Mike Mahrle and Sue Rodgers assisted with running the event. 

In surveying Washtenaw members about the value they get from their Farm Bureau membership, Rose found the top three responses were:

  1. The community Farm Bureau builds
  2. Current ag-industry information
  3. Great insurance coverage from our local Farm Bureau Insurance agents

We couldn’t agree more!

A total of 157 members, representing 88 family memberships, took part in the tire recycling, fried chicken and ice cream event.

Washtenaw County Farm Bureau also recognized the county’s Junior Livestock participants, giving them each thank-you pails stuffed with pizza-party supplies, courtesy of the county Promotion & Education team.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped and took part!

Hannah Meyers headshot

Hannah Meyers

Southeast Regional Manager
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