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Work From Home? Ensure Your Home-Based Business Is Covered

Will your homeowners insurance cover your business losses? A business policy may be the best coverage for your home-based business.
Date Posted: July 7, 2021

Should Your Home-Based Business Have a Business Policy?

Since the coronavirus pandemic, home-based businesses are more popular than ever before. It's important for business owners to recognize that their Homeowners or Renters insurance policy is not designed to cover business losses. 

You may want to consider a Business policy if:  

  • Your business property, stock or equipment is greater than $10,000 in value.  
  • Clients visit your office, use your product and/or depend on your service. Liability insurance can help cover your exposure to lawsuits.  
  • Damage to your workplace would require you to find a temporary substitute or lose business/customers.  
  • Your employees use their vehicles to make deliveries or trips for your business. 

To learn more about Business Insurance policies and how they can help protect you and your company, contact an agent today.  

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