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FARM Science Lab

FARM Science Lab

The FARM Science Lab is a 40-foot mobile classroom, equipped with the latest teaching technologies and tooled with STEM-based lessons that are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes to increase agricultural awareness. 

The FARM Science Lab reinforces grade-level standards with hands-on science opportunities while increasing students’ knowledge of how agriculture impacts their daily lives. Each lesson has been individually crafted and tested by certified teachers.  

The FARM Science Lab offers schools the convenience of bringing a field trip-style experience to their front door. Students will receive an out-of-classroom, hands-on experience without the hassle of transportation arrangements or field-trip permission slips.

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For more information about booking the FARM Science Lab, contact Michelle Blodgett at 517-679-5893.

For a list of our sponsors, please visit the FARM Science Lab Website or contact Kate Thiel at 517-679-5741 for sponsorship opportunities.

FARM Science Lab Website