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Ag Security #58

The continued threat of terrorist attacks on America has resulted in an increased awareness of the possibility of agricultural terrorism.

We support: 

  • Increased penalties for individuals who destroy or contaminate agricultural property with the intent to create terror.

  • Increased communication between state departments and federal agencies in preparing for a response to an agricultural terrorist attack or threat.

  • Continued testing and monitoring of food and feed produced and used by agriculture.

  • Evaluating the security of food and animal feed storage facilities.

  • Increased scrutiny and screening of all imported agricultural goods.

  • Giving preference to domestically produced agricultural goods.

  • Changes to regulations established for the purpose of preventing agricultural terrorism which need to consider the importance of maintaining an adequate workforce for agriculture and related industries.

  • Increased funding for U.S. Customs and Border Protection to protect the animal health population and ag industries at airports and ports of entry.

  • A stronger effort to increase bio-security measures on farm operations and at the state and national level.

  • Communication with local law enforcement and emergency services regarding any suspicious activity.

  • Reporting any theft of fertilizer, diesel fuel, or diesel exhaust fluid.

  • Verification of the validity of any requests for information about an agricultural facility.

  • Controlled access to facilities.

  • Screening of employees.

We oppose:

  • Additional regulation without consultation with the agricultural community.

  • The unauthorized entry by agents of the State of Michigan or the U.S. government into any facilities (including worker housing units, barns, accessory buildings and fields) which is in clear violation of Generally Accepted Agricultural and Management Practices, Good Agricultural Practices standards, and ag/bio security standards.

Foreign investment in Michigan assets is a concern, especially in terms of farmland ownership. Ownership of agricultural land by nonresident aliens, foreign businesses and foreign governments should be limited if not prohibited in Michigan.

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