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Fees #93

We are very concerned with the expansion of new and increased fees which impact agriculture because:

  • Fees constitute taxation without representation.

  • Fees may not be in relation to service provided and generate revenue in excess of the cost of service.

  • Fees might be interpreted as a replacement for General Fund dollars.

  • Fees are a cost on a select and limited sector of the economy.

 We oppose any revenue generating fees which are charged by the State of Michigan, based on a violations history, rather than from new violations.

 Compliance monitoring and enforcement that benefit the general public should be funded from the General Fund. Funding for general administration and operation should be funded by the General Fund, not fees or fines. 

 Departments which depend on fee or fine-based revenue must continue to receive annual legislative review and oversight.

 An economic impact statement should be completed on the permitted entities before the fee is implemented.

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