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Michigan Meat Processing Industry #28

The livestock industry and meat processing are integral to Michigan’s agricultural economy. Local meat processing facilities provide food availability and economic opportunity. Excessive regulation and limitations on retail packaging/sales greatly reduce public access to locally produced meat. 

To help address supply chain challenges, burdensome regulations and limited market access, we support:

  • Systematic evaluation of Michigan's meat packing industry, retail sales, custom exempt facilities, market access, regulation and opportunities for expansion.

  • Michigan State University (MSU), community colleges, career technical schools and the livestock industry coordinating to develop and establish an ag tech-type livestock harvest and meat processing certification program.

  • More federally inspected meat processing facilities in Michigan.

  • Investment in and promotion of mobile agricultural processing labs in Michigan.

  • Creating a Michigan-based meat inspection and licensing system for in-state processing and retail sale of meat.

  • A partnership between the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) and USDA to train and authorize state level employees to conduct USDA inspection services of small, independent processing facilities.

  • Increased utilization of the meats laboratory and professional expertise at MSU to support the meat industry, educate students and train meat industry professionals.

  • Limiting regulations on small and medium-sized meat processors while protecting and enhancing food safety.

  • State and federal funding to increase the number of new — and enhance current — small and medium sized meat processing facilities and on farm/exempt operations. 

  • State and federal funding and low interest loans to help small and medium-sized meat processing facilities meet or comply with regulatory requirements. 

  • Government funding to offset the regulatory burdens placed upon small and medium- sized meat processors.

  • The further establishment of MDARD approved meat processing facilities that allow for the donation to food banks and pantries.

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