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Nursery, Floriculture, Sod and Greenhouse Industry #29

Ornamental horticulture, nursery, landscape, floriculture, sod, Christmas trees, and greenhouse productions are unique forms of agriculture and must be recognized as such by local, state and national regulatory bodies.

The nursery, greenhouse, sod, and Christmas tree industries have experienced several inequitable trade practices with Canada, including phytosanitary inspection standards and procedures. 

We request Michigan Farm Bureau work with allied industry organizations and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) to identify areas of concern and formulate appropriate solutions.

We urge MFB to continue cooperating with plant industry groups regarding revisions to both PA 189 of 1931 and PA 72 of 1945 including, but not limited to, elimination of intrastate inspections of nursery stock, and to no longer recognize mums as a hardy perennial. This change will allow the reallocation of resources to provide improved inspections of interstate and international shipments, and voluntary in-state inspections as requested by the industry.

Due to the extensive updates to the Worker Protection Standards’ policies and procedures, we encourage MFB and other industry groups, including Michigan State University Extension, MDARD, Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association, and Michigan Greenhouse Growers Council to collaborate and formulate ideas to create new digital training materials.

We support:

  • Funding for researchers, research infrastructure, and grant funding through USDA’s Specialty Crop Research Initiative and Specialty Crop Block Grants to support the nursery and greenhouse industry. Issues of importance include mechanization (due to workforce shortages), development of new pesticides to replace any that have been or will be cancelled, and advanced technologies to propagate and grow plants.

  • Greenhouse and nursery crop insurance programs and the indemnification of plants after a disease or pest outbreak. We further support action to develop and complete these programs.

We oppose:

  • Legislation regulating the use of neonicotinoids, organophosphates, pyrethroids, methocarbamates, or organochlorines by state agencies, unless research or conclusive scientific evidence prove that these compounds pose adverse effects on the environment when used according to label.

  • Legislating science from the bench of a court/jury without sound scientific proof, well-documented scientific studies from respected scientists, scholars, government bodies, and universities regarding the safe use of necessary tools such as chlorpyrifos and glyphosate without extensive research and study.

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