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2024 Michigan Farm Bureau policies available

Printed copies will be available beginning in early February at state and local Farm Bureau events.
Date Posted: January 11, 2024

Michigan Farm Bureau’s 2024 policy book, fine-tuned and approved by more than 400 county delegates at the organization’s 104th annual meeting, is now available.  

Representing a year’s worth of work by members statewide, the book was updated with additions, amendments and deletions, resulting from review of 680 policy recommendations (up from last year’s 510) submitted by 64 county Farm Bureaus, 12 advisory committees and two topic-based task forces.

The 104 state-level policies cover issues important to the food and agriculture industry and Michigan’s rural communities, including policies on farm and conservation programs, commodities, natural resources and the environment, transportation regulations, labor laws, education, energy and more.  

“Seeing members get their eyes and hands on the new policy book is always invigorating,” said Emily Reinart, MFB’s grassroots policy outreach specialist. “It’s both the culmination of a year’s worth of their grassroots policy work and a kickoff of sorts to our work to advance Farm Bureau’s legislative and regulatory agenda.” 

The MFB policy book helps members collaborate with their peers, elected officials and state agency leaders as proposals impacting their farms are developed, deliberated or implemented. 

Reinart says now is a great time for members to get involved in their county Farm Bureau’s public policy committee.  

“Whether it’s attending a meet-n-greet at the local coffee shop, inviting a newly elected legislator for a farm visit, or meeting with elected officials in Lansing or D.C., Farm Bureau members are needed to help keep agriculture, farm families and rural communities on decision-makers’ radar,” Reinart said. 

Members can easily navigate and read the policies by using the keyword search and filter, or by downloading the book in its entirety via a printer-friendly PDF file. 

Printed copies will be available beginning in early February at state and local Farm Bureau events.

Emily Reinart headshot

Emily Reinart

Grassroots Policy Outreach Specialist
517-679-5337 [email protected]