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5 Ways You Can Protect Your Vehicle Against Break-ins

Protect your vehicle and your belongings from car break-ins. Discourage thieves by making your car a difficult target.
Date Posted: June 1, 2021

Protect Your Vehicle Against Break-Ins  

The best protection drivers can take against car theft is to avoid seeming like an easy target. Thieves often pursue unlocked or running vehicles with valuables in clear sight.   

The most common items stolen from cars include: 

Cell phones
Radios & Speakers
Cash, Credit & Debit Cards
Navigation (GPS) Systems
Registration & License plates/tabs
Valuables (Sunglasses, Tools, etc.)

Protect Your Vehicle and Your Belongings By:  

1) Locking doors and windows 

Thieves look for easy opportunities and the first thing they’ll check are open doors. Always lock your vehicle (even while driving) and roll up the windows when you leave your car. If you’re traveling with pets, you can use a second key to keep your car running while locked when you are away. 

2) Hiding your valuables 

Leaving your belongings in clear view gives thieves certain payoff for breaking into your car. Hide your valuables by locking them in the trunk instead of the glove box or under a seat. If you want to ensure your items won't be stolen from your car, bring them with you. 

3) Parking in well-lit areas

Avoid parking between larger vehicles, against dumpsters or fences, or in remote places. Choose a parking spot in busy areas where your car can be easily seen. Thieves are more likely to be caught and may not attempt crimes in these areas.   

4) Knowing what's in your car 

Remove any unnecessary personal information or items from your vehicle. This can prevent identify theft if confidential information is unintentionally disclosed. If you use a GPS device, store the address of a nearby business as your “Home” address. In some cases, car thieves will burglarize the victim’s home if they also find their address. 

5) Installing an alarm 

Newer cars usually have alarms installed, but if you drive an older model, you may want to consider installing one. Today you can find a variety of car locks and alarms that offer an extra layer of protection. Loud alarm systems can prevent break-ins by scaring off criminals with sound alone. 


Helping You Be Prepared  

At Farm Bureau Insurance, protecting you from the risks of everyday life is our mission. Contact an agent today to find a policy that keeps your vehicle protected. 

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