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The farm bill: what's up and what's next

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Date Posted: November 17, 2023

Earlier this fall more than 1,346 individuals signed Michigan Farm Bureau’s 2023 Farm Bill petition, showing support for agriculture and the nutrition and farm programs our communities rely on. 

On Nov. 15, both the U.S. House and Senate passed a temporary funding bill to provide a one-year extension of the 2018 Farm Bill. 

While the extension was necessary, and is a step in the right direction, Michigan Farm Bureau continues to tell Congress there must be a sense of urgency to complete a new farm bill – preferably early on in 2024. 

The four leaders of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees released the following statement prior to the extension’s passage:

“As negotiations on funding the government progress, we were able to come together to avoid a lapse in funding for critical agricultural programs and provide certainty to producers. This extension is in no way a substitute for passing a 5-year Farm Bill and we remain committed to working together to get it done next year.”

Watch for updates after the new year, as we may ask for members and supporters to make contacts to Michigan’s Congressional delegation to further emphasize our priorities which include:

  • Increasing baseline farm program funding that has not kept up with inflation, 

  • Keeping nutrition and farm programs together, 

  • Prioritizing funding for crop insurance and commodity programs,

  • Ensuring adequate USDA staffing,

  • Maintaining funding for voluntary conservation programs, 

  • Supporting trade promotion programs, 

  • Ensuring adequate funding for specialty crop research, marketing, and pest management programs, and

  • Funding for agricultural research and education. 

Looking for more?

We encourage you to continue following our Michigan Farm News farm bill coverage and Michigan Ag Policy social media.

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