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Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies

Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies Outlines For-Purpose Model, Continues to Fight Food Insecurity

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Date Posted: May 27, 2022

Following more than a year of dedicated research focused on the needs of Michigan communities and the history of charitable efforts across the state, the Michigan Farm Bureau family of companies has announced its new For-Purpose model, focused on eradicating childhood hunger. This dedication of purpose is designed to combine the community support efforts of its agriculture-focused member organization and the charitable work being done across the state by the Farm Bureau family of companies.

Throughout the past century, the Michigan Farm Bureau family of companies has sought opportunities to organize resources, talent, and time toward a vast array of changing needs existing among the citizens of its home state, ranging from community recreation projects, assisting seniors, introducing safety programs, supporting community resources and more. Confident in its findings, the organization used this data to dig deeper into the results of the cumulative efforts and explore opportunities to maximize these resources, as well as the generosity and participation among its members, with a renewed focus.

“Building strong businesses and member networks requires strong discipline and steady focus, and we’ve noted that our moral mission should be met with this same intensity of discipline and focus,” stated Michigan Farm Bureau President, Carl Bednarski. “We know that community impact is just like business impact in that it requires deep focus, sustained effort and on-going attention. We believe we can do better, overall, having a goal that’s clear, measurable and attainable” With an objective of eradicating childhood hunger in the state of Michigan, Farm Bureau has unified its vision.

The culmination of this drive and resulting research is the Michigan Farm Bureau family of companies For-Purpose business model. With its entrenched focus on agriculture in tandem with working closely with farming efforts statewide, the Michigan Farm Bureau family of companies is uniquely positioned to fight food insecurity among Michigan’s children.

“This will not be a short-term pursuit and there are not silver bullets to fix this condition that has plagued our communities for most of the century that we’ve been in existence,” said Bednarski. “There is no greater force than the sustained thinking and action of our members, agents, and team. Together we can, and will, make a difference in the lives of Michigan’s most vulnerable children, thereby building a brighter future for the entirety of our state.”

The Michigan Farm Bureau family of companies plans to continue outlining new efforts, partnerships, and opportunities built around its goal of eradicating food insecurity in Michigan communities in the coming year.

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