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Membership and Farm Bureau Programs #103

Membership is the lifeblood of our organization. Michigan Farm Bureau encourages member engagement in membership, Community Action Groups, Promotion & Education, Young Farmer, High School and Collegiate programs through county Farm Bureaus.

We support:

  • Engaging, growing and maintaining membership,
  • Grassroots local policy development,
  • Educating youth, farmers, educators, consumers and public officials about agriculture and its importance to our economy,
  • Leadership programs for personal and professional development,
  • Developing young farmers for the future of our industry,
  • A diverse membership to promote and grow our agricultural community,
  • An inclusive culture that welcomes all farmers and agriculturalists, and
  • Equitable opportunities and resources for all members.

These programs help our members successfully be the voice for agriculture. 

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Submit a Policy Idea

If you’re a Farm Bureau member and have an idea or amendment that you think should be Farm Bureau policy, we want to hear it! Our quick online form makes it easy to get involved in Farm Bureau’s policy-setting process.