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Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies

Farm Bureau companies meet, surpass Million Meal Challenge

Generous donations from across the entire spectrum of Michigan Farm Bureau's Family of Companies have made possible a $203,730 donation to seven regional food banks serving all 83 counties.
Date Posted: November 12, 2021

Generous donations from farmers, insurance agents, members, employees and county Farm Bureaus put Michigan Farm Bureau’s extended Family of Companies over the top in this year’s Million Meal Challenge. All told the organization and its affiliates a million meals’ worth of support to Michigan families struggling with food insecurity, raising $203,730, each dollar or which equates to five meals donated to the seven regional food banks in Michigan, benefitting all 83 counties.

"The response from our Michigan Farm Bureau family has been unbelievable," said MFB President Carl Bednarski. "As the number of families struggling with hunger continues to grow, in both urban and rural areas, it’s reassuring to know that our agents, employees, county leaders and members are all committed to working toward a common goal of ending childhood hunger in Michigan."

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan and its Agent Charitable Fund each matched donations from members, clients and supporters dollar-for-dollar. All funds raised were donated to the Food Bank Council of Michigan, which supports and serves the seven regional food banks, striving to make Michigan a food-secure state.

“Food insecurity during a pandemic magnifies the need as well as multiplies it. New populations of residents who have never before needed emergency food are coming to our network for help,” said Dr. Phil Knight, executive director of the Food Bank Council of Michigan. “Farm Bureau knows nothing of significance ever happens alone, and that’s why their Agent Charitable Fund has come alongside us to do something of significance and something neither one of us could have done alone.

“Together we will do our best to make sure kids have milk and seniors have food for the days ahead.”

The Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies is committed to supporting its agents, employees, insureds and members as they unite to create sustained community change while working towards it mission to end childhood hunger in Michigan.

Defined by its mission to end hunger in Michigan, the Agent Charitable Fund is a donor-designated fund administered through the Michigan Foundation for Agriculture, a 501(c)(3) governed by the MFB Board of Directors. Through grant programs and donations, Farm Bureau agents, clients and partners provide food and educational programs to Michigan residents struggling with hunger and aid more than 3,000 hunger-relief agencies statewide.