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Genesee Co. FB hosts farm safety, rescue training event

Genesee P&E Chair Laura Morey with Gaines Township Fire Chief Joe Hyrman and Farm Bureau members Dan Park and Bob O’Brien at the county Farm Bureau’s March 24 safety event.
Date Posted: April 14, 2022

The Genesee County Farm Bureau Promotion & Education Committee has made farm safety and hazard prevention a priority this year by hosting both member and first-responder events to increase awareness and training on a variety of topics.

The member-focused educational event took place March 24 with a pair of hour-long sessions of useful information on topics including theft prevention, agroterrorism, fire prevention and chemical and pesticide application and storage techniques. Each participant earned two RUP credits for attending both sessions.

Our guest speaker was Michigan Farm Bureau Legislative Counsel Ben Tirrell. Also sharing remarks was Major Lanning from the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department.

During the evening members were treated to a social hour during which Membership Chair Chad Morey spoke to the importance of Farm Bureau membership, encouraging attendees to get involved in their organization — including the new Young Farmer who signed up on the spot!

Genesee County Farm Bureau’s Promotion & Education committee recognized a big part of safety in the farming community rested on ensuring our farmers have solid relationships with knowledgeable, well-equipped local rescue personnel.

They started their initiative with grain bin rescue training for first responders in those townships with the most grain storage bins. First responders were asked to attend an educational session April 5, with the committee donating grain bin rescue tubes and augers to each department. Training was provided by Emergency Services Rescue Training, a national non-profit specializing in agricultural safety and emergency response training.

“It was great to complete the training and coordinate with the equipment we donated to the townships,” said Laura Morey, chair of Genesee’s P&E committee. “One of our goals was to ensure that each township with grain bin storage is properly equipped with training and the right equipment in case the unthinkable happens.

“The equipment was a considerable expense but saving even one life is priceless.”

Morey and her P&E team will sponsor another first responder training in September with a two-day, hands-on machinery entrapment and extraction technique class at Top Line Farms in Davison. She also plans to continue offering additional training for both members and rescue personnel.

“My goal is to host a combined training event with first responders and members next year,” she said. “There is a lot we can learn from each other.”

Jennifer Zietz is administrative manager for the Genesee County Farm Bureau.