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Ready for our friend SAM’s annual visit?

SAM’s heartbeat: County Farm Bureau delegates helping to chart the organization’s direction by actively contributing to policy deliberations.
Date Posted: September 20, 2023

Prospective delegates: Register with your county FB office Oct. 9-20

And just like that it’s autumn already. It seems like just last week we were wringing our hands about not enough rain, then of course too much rain…

County Farm Bureau annual meetings are winding down and the state policy development committee starts their second session today, Oct. 3.

These are all signs the 2023 State Annual Meeting is around the corner — our friend SAM — and with it the start of Farm Bureau’s 2023-24 Meeting Season. 

Members interested in representing their county Farm Bureau at this year's event should register with their county office Oct. 9-20.

Click here to see the current draft SAM agenda. Changes are still likely as the calendar sheds days and weeks, but there’ll be relatively minor — overall it’s pretty firm and retains the general pattern of recent post-pandemic annuals. Give it a good look for details.

Upcoming Farm Gates will include plenty more SAM and Meeting Season previews from various angles, but for now, look ahead over the coming months and ask yourself: Where do my interests, priorities, concerns, abilities and contributions best fit in?

The most active Farm Bureau members are also those who can’t believe the value they get for their $50 annual dues — it’s a classic More-You-Put-In-More-You-Get-Out proposition. 

They roll up their sleeves, dive in and get far more than their money’s worth. There’s plenty of room for you alongside them and they’re eager for your input! 

Again: If you're interested in representing your county Farm Bureau at MFB's 2023 State Annual Meeting, register with your county office Oct. 9-10. 

Portrait of MFB Member Communications Specialist Jeremy Nagel.

Jeremy Nagel

Member Communications Specialist
517-323-6885 [email protected]