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Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies

Successful Volunteer Week Aids in Feeding Over 50,000 Michigan Families

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Date Posted: June 21, 2022

This June, over 200 volunteers across the Farm Bureau family of companies banded together to come to the aid of Michigan families experiencing food insecurity. In addition to an organization-wide food drive, the family of companies partnered with food banks across the state to help sort and distribute 64,503 lbs of food. These efforts were tallied to aid nearly 54,000 families in need.

“Investing a portion of life in something that is needed, that is bigger than one person and has immediate and lasting impact is a great opportunity," said Dr. Phil Knight, Executive Director of the Food Bank Council of Michigan. "The Farm Bureau Family of Companies' policy offering people the flexibility needed to invest their time and talent is remarkable. The investment by the team members from across the Farm Bureau network has an immediate impact on Michigan families." Michigan Farm Bureau President, Carl Bednarski added, “As a family of companies we have, and will, continue to call our dedicated employees into action to help us end food insecurity for Michigan's children.”

The celebration of the volunteer week follows the Michigan Farm Bureau family of companies introducing its For-Purpose model in May and precedes additional efforts aimed to help fight childhood hunger in its home state. With an entrenched focus on agriculture and connection to farming efforts statewide, the family of companies is uniquely positioned to collaborate with food providers and food banks across the state to help fight food insecurity. The organization’s For-Purpose statement reads, “Our purpose is to provide for our members, protect our customers, and together end childhood hunger in Michigan.”

In addition to the efforts outlined above, the Michigan Farm Bureau family of companies is also partnering with McLaren Greater Lansing and the Greater Lansing Food Bank in the ‘Cereal for Summer’ program, aimed to help food insecure families during the particularly difficult time that school meals aren’t available, as it continues to plan more For-Purpose events. The organization will continue outlining new efforts, partnerships, and opportunities built around its goal of eradicating food insecurity for Michigan children over the coming year.

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